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PHANTOM WRAPZ is your source for high quality vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, bus wraps and custom graphics. We are your vehicle wrap and large format printing specialists serving Lewisville and the Dallas area. We utilize cutting edge technologies that help ensure a vibrancy in our printed materials, and durability of the substrates and vinyl materials we use. Our team of experienced and qualified wrap installers aim to offer the very best vehicle wraps and print services in the Lewisville and Dallas area. With over 40 years combined experience in the Sign and Graphic industry, we are experts in our craft. We have the skills and experience to handle any size wrap project, and most importantly we are passionate about what we do.


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Bold, colorful vehicle vinyl wraps are guaranteed to drive your business or personal style to the next level. Blow your business competition out of the water, with a creative, branded vehicle wrap by Phantom Wrapz. We specialize in full vehicle wraps, partial wraps, window graphics, and large format printing. Stop by our vinyl wrap shop in Lewisville, TX, and discover the many colors, textures, and designs available for your automobile or business. Change the look and feel of your personal vehicle with full color change wraps, or make your business car, truck or van a mobile billboard with our professional commercial vehicle wraps and high res graphics. We look forward to consulting with you on your commercial or personal vehicle wrap project.

Premium Vinyl Wrap Solutions

Discover the options available for your vehicle wrap and explore the variety of colors, textures, and graphics. We provide full or partial vehicle wraps for a wide range of vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft. One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is "how much does a vehicle wrap cost?" There really is no one size fits all answer because of the choices and customization options available. We need to gather more details from you to provide you with accurate pricing. An auto wrap can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. The wrap material and vinyl wrap coverage you desire for your vehicle, as well as the size of vehicle you have play a big role in pricing. A full chrome wrap is a different price than a full matte wrap. Some people just need a commercial truck wrapped, while some seek a hood and spoiler wrap, and others want their entire vehicle wrapped, as well as interior accents. To get the most accurate wrap quote for your car, please contact us or fill out our quote form.

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Vinyl Wraps - A Better Alternative To Paint

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle offers unique advantages to a traditional paint job. Vinyl wraps are fraction of the cost of a traditional paint job, allow for complete, affordable customization, offer a quick turn around time, and provide an excellent return for marketing a business. Not only do auto wraps look great, but they also create a protective layer between your vehicles original paint job, and the outside elements, such as the sun, and road debris that can cause chips and scratches. They are also far easier and more affordable to maintain and repair, and can easily be removed to reveal your original paint job, or to add a new wrap. Cars, motorcycles, boats, and more can feel like new every couple years with a new vinyl wrap color, texture, or design. The options available for an auto wrap are only limited by your imagination and can come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes. Add satin racing stripes, or a full matte color change to your car today. contact our shop to explore all your options.

Benefits of a Wrapping Your Vehicle

Vinyl wraps provide several advantages for both personal and commerical vehicles.
  • Protection
  • Customization
  • Cost
  • Commercial Mobile Advertising
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Resale Value
  • Installation Time & Ease
  • Safe Removal